North Central Region Leadership

North Central Officers

Name Office Term Ends
Harry N. Boone, Jr.
Vice President 2016/2018
Roger Tormoehlen Vice President Elect 2016/2018
Emily Buck
Secretary/Treasurer 2018



2018 Conference Host: North Dakota State University

2018 Research Conference Coordination: University of Illinois

2019 Conference Host: Michigan state University

2019 Research Conference Coordination: Kansas State University

Andy Baker – National Postsecondary Agriculture Student Organization Board of Directors (3-year term, elected at large-term ends 3/19)


Member Services Committee

Name Office Term Ends
Tim Buttles
Jason McKibben

Vice - Chair

Emily Buck Member 2018
Kevin Curry Member 2020
Brandie Disberger Member 2020
Jon Ulmer Member 2019


Program Improvement Committee

Name Office Term Ends
Mary Rodriguez
Chair 2018
Gaea Hock
Vice-Chair 2019
Nathan Conner Member  2018
Mark Hainline Member 2020
Laura Hasselquist Member   2020
Jon Simonsen Member 2019

Professional Development Committee

Name Office Term Ends
Mark Russell
Chair 2018
Aaron McKim
Vice-Chair 2019
Ryan Anderson Member  2020 
Buddy McKendry Member 2020
Emily Perdue Member   2019
Peter 'Troy' White Member 2018

Research Committee

Name Office Term Ends
Scott Smalley Chair 2018
Hui Hui Wang Vice-Chair 2019
 Dick Joerger  Member 2018 
 Misty Lambert Member   2020
Tom Paulsen Member  2019
John Tummons Member 




Journal of Agricultural Education

 JAE Managing Board

Name Office Term Ends
Ryan Anderson Member 2019
Neil Knobloch Member 2018
Misty Lambert Member  2020


JAE Editorial Review Board

Name Office Term Ends
John Ewing Member 2019
Scott Smalley
Member 2019
Annie Specht
Member 2018
Jason McKibben
Member 2018
TBD Member 2020
TBD Member 2020

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