The Mission of The American Association for Agricultural Education

  AAAE is dedicated to studying, applying, and promoting the teaching and learning processes in agriculture.


  • Serve as an advocate for improvement of teaching and learning in agriculture.
  • Provide a forum to address issues in agricultural education.
  • Provide an approach to identifying, prioritizing, and organizing research in teaching and learning.
  • Provide opportunities for individual and organizational growth, development, and renewal.
  • Provide opportunities to communicate the results of research and other scholarly activities.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration within and outside of agricultural education.
  • Provide for recruiting, inducting, and mentoring people into the profession.


As a professional organization, we value:

  • Effective teaching Developing and empowering others
  • Actively engaging learners/experiential learning
  • Quality research and other scholarly activities
  • An active role in contributing to both formal and non-formal educational systems
  • Professional renewal and adjusting to change Interacting with peers
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